RAS Trading Co.

RAS Trading Co.

We introduce our company as one of the Libyan companies established in Benghazi and began its activities in the year 1970.  It is a fully registered general trading company, general import-export, general contracting and agency representation.

In the 70’s we represented below companies:

• Daihatsu car industry Japan as sole distributors in Libya.

• Rotring, pelikan & Geha of Germany for stationary goods.

• Longo of Italy for stationary goods.

• Maruzen of Japan for stationary goods.

• Platinum of Japan for stationary goods.

• Sportex of Germany for fishing industry

• supplied Libyan government  of ovens & boilers, coffee shop, parking and car services undertaking.

• Imitation jewelry, camping equipment and textile distribution from Japan.

• Electronic equipment Yamaha Japan.


So as you may observe that we deal in many different goods, and we are still further with the cooperation with Aly Sallak est., of which was the main contractors of the installation of the micro wave system in the whole of Libya with the Japanese Marubeni corp ” Aly Sallak est. sole agent ” and Nippon electric of Japan and further we supplied pipes for the oil industry

In present time Ras Trading is the Main Company House which imports generators, Involved in Car Business in Libya and the distribution of air conditions and other manufacturers such as below:

-Daihatsu motors. www.daihatsu.com

-Inventor air conditions. www.inventorairconditioner.com

- Gammuci Electronic Cigarettes www.gamucci.com

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